As a double bass player, Hajime is constantly in search of adventure. By providing fresh, unconventional ideas in his solos, he hopes to spark interesting musical conversations between band members. Freedom is always audible, floating in space, buzzing with the strings Hajime touches. Also, he enjoys taking the part of a highly social and dedicated accompanist and leader. By maintaining a solid bass sound in the background, Hajime creates a patch of warmth for the band to rely and build upon.

Through his playing Hajime hopes to change the image that modern jazz has of being complicated music. Instead, he tries to create a unique blend of styles in which freedom (harmonic and melodic) is always audible. Hajime's style shows influences of different traditions, from classical to modern to traditional American songbook. By bringing across the elegance and strength of the double bass, its powerful low notes and shiny heights, Hajime hopes to show his listeners the pure and simple beauty of modern jazz.


Unfolding Stories

"Unfolding Stories"(2015) consists of a group of musicians who long to show their listeners the pure and simple beauty of modern jazz. Compositions written by Hajime Suzuki with lyrics by Joelle show a new, surprising blend of inspiration. The individual musicians of the band bring a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds to the music, like the different pages of a story book.


'Kotodama' (2014), Hajime's first album, aimed to blend traditional Japanese music and jazz. It was released in Japan in 2014 and received generally positive reviews.



Are you a double bass player by nature, passionate and dedicated to the deep and strong voice of the instrument? Yet you feel that the words you are trying to express through your music fail to be heard through your playing? In order to get your stories across, it is crucial to learn the right playing technique, fingering and form principles.

I can help you based on my own experience. I like to think of myself as a dedicated, patient and friendly double bass teacher who will try to spark your imagination and lead you onto adventurous paths while learning the art of playing double bass.

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Ear Training

It is widely acknowledged that good ears are necessary in order to communicate musically. Yet, on top of trying to master your instrument, motivation and discipline to train your ears are hard to maintain. I am a trained teacher of solfeggio and aim to help you improve your skills while observing the use of relative pitch and the do-re-mi system in my teaching method. In addition, I can help you prepare for conservatory auditions.

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Composing Arranging

If you long to write beautiful and strong music, depending on moments of inspiration alone is not enough. Composing and arranging are craftsmanships which take years of experience and practice to master. By improving your skills and raising your awareness of your own sound and style, I can help you express your creativity to the fullest. Let's put our pens to paper and write together!

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Hajime's style as a composer is rooted in instrumental trio jazz. Curious by nature, Hajime always tries to make his compositions adventurous and avoids cliches. By engaging in intensive collaborations with jazz vocalists, many doors have opened up for him. More and more he has been developing himself as a jazz/crossover composer inspired by both European traditions, Anglo-American styles and American songbook, by which he hopes to develop his own, unique style ever more clearly.

As a result, Hajime's music shows a new, surprising blend of inspiration: Triosence's deeply developed sound, Sara Gazarek's dreamy, crystal clear voice and the interesting modern approach of Stefano di Battista, mixed with cinematic Japanese music from Hajime's roots. Singer-songwriter Joelle puts Hajime's music into words by writing poetic lyrics that spark your imagination, beautifully completing the compositions as a whole.

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