Hajime longs to show his listeners the pure and simple beauty of modern jazz music. As a double bass player, Hajime is constantly in search of adventure. Yet he also enjoys taking the part of a dedicated and social accompanist and leader.


The music I create, record and perform with other musicians is a reflection of my imagination and creativity. Moreover, I collaborate with vocalists and engage in other projects as well.


I am a jazz crossover composer and arranger inspired by European traditions, Anglo-American styles and American Songbook, and write vocal and instrumental music. I put my pen on paper both for my own artistry as for other projects. However, I also offer my services as a composer and arranger by assignment.


I am a dedicated, patient and friendly double bass teacher. Also, I tutor in jazz improvisation, solfeggio, composing and arranging. Finally, I can prepare you for conservatory auditions.

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